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After using Avenger for some time, I realised that I was enjoying sound design more and more with this synth.  This led to an odyssey lasting many, many hours in crafting out 128 presets which I'm now able to release.

Even though I spent a lot of time on the product, I didn't want the price to be prohibitive.  Within the presets you will find something to suit everyone, from sensitive synth and retro sounds to current EDM.   I have tried to do a walkthrough video demonstrating as many of the presets as possible so you will have the best idea  about what Sapphire contains.

The presets will work with VPS Avenger 1.3.4 and above.

Every preset comes with at least four macros defined.  This gives you even more sound variations on the same preset.  Some macros change dramatically and give you an entirely new sound.

If you have any queries or feedback about the product, you can contact me through the contact form page.  Hope you enjoy using Sapphire.  If you make any songs using the presets, let me know!