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About Me

I work full time in Video/Audio, and love spending my other time creating music.  I am enjoying Spitfire's Albion One and my main interest is in Cinematic-Orchestral music as you can see from my Soundcloud page.  I play the guitar but also am reasonable on the keyboard too. Many genres of music appeal to me from Classical to Trance, except perhaps Jazz which I'm not really that into.  Perhaps I should listen to the 'right kind of jazz'    ?

My music production took off fairly recently when I built my own i7 and got 16GB memory.  I find that my DAW, Reaper, can handle very smoothly multiple Albion tracks and multiple Avenger tracks without any issues at all.  Very smooth.   This is contrasted to Cakewalk's Sonar which was dire to use, quite buggy, and didn't give me a good experience in making music.

I'd like to do more sound design and am interested in combining Retro and Modern sounds.  My short term ambition is to write a song and collaborate with a good singer to showcase it.  As well as Cinematic pieces and EDM, I would like to invest time in creating Ethnic music too.  I created one on my Soundcloud so far, and am wanting to get my money's worth out of MOTU Ethno (which I bought years ago but not used much for various reasons.)